Competition – Help and advices about entering the models

Dear competitor!

At the MOSON MODEL SHOW in order to speed up the registration and placement of the models, please proceed as follows:

  1. Unpack your models and place them on the competition table.


  1. Pay the entry fee.


  1. Model registration


For pre-registered models


–      After paying the entry fee, prepare your pre-registration papers containing your personal and your model’s registration number.

–      You will get the documents accompanying your models based on your personal registration number and the payment receipt for the entry fee.

–      You accept the rules of the competition by entering your models!


For on-site-registered models


–      After paying the registration fee, find the check-in counter for on-site registrations!

–      After handing over the payment receipt for the entry fee, tell (or type in at the computers) the relevant for your model. (Please do not dictate the detailing made to the model at that time).

–      Wait until you receive the printed entry form.

–      Check if the filling is correct.

–      You accept the rules of the competition by entering your models!


  1. Final placement of the models


–      Mark the upgraded parts with an “X” on the printed entry form

–      Where there is no need for the section of upgraded parts, fold back the bottom of the printed entry form to make it take less space on the competition table.

–      Fold back the part for the enhancements on the entry form to take up less space

–      For figure models, fold the remainder of the entry form in half at the marked line.

–      Put the larger part of the entry form under your model.

–      Keep the claim tag of the model with yourself.

–      After placing your model, please do not touch your model, this is only permitted for event organizers to avoid misunderstandings and damage to the models.


  1. Returning of the models


Models will be returned between 13.30 – 14.30 on Sunday! Please note this, as we adapt to the practice of other competitions.


  1. Announcement of results


The award giving ceremony will take place after the returning of models; (Sunday, around 15.00 pm). For the candidates of award winners, we kindly ask them to take place close to the awards giving area (preferably not at the top of the stables) in order to speed up the ceremony.


Thank you for your participation, have fun!