Rules of the fair

  • The Fair Inspector shall provide further information regarding issues emerging on the spot.
  • Tables and chairs are provided by the Organizers.
  • In case Seller requires any utilities (water, electricity etc.), such requirements shall be forwarded to the Organizers via the available email addresses of contacts, at least 2 weeks before the Event.
  • The seller must accept and adhere to the current Hungarian legal regulation of retail sale activities, including the obligation of invoicing etc.
  • Organizers decline any responsibility for the origin of kits/goods traded on the Fair.
  • Organizers reserve the right to define the distribution/location of the stands.
  • Organizers decline responsibility for any stolen/lost goods/valuables.
  • The use and trade of autocratic symbols (e.g. swastika) is FORBIDDEN on Event premises.
  • The trade of copies/fakes of copyrighted materials/goods is strictly FORBIDDEN on Event premises. The organizers can ban the sellers of copied or fake merchandise from the show and they will report it to the police.
  • All and any fire arms, cold weapons (eg. knives), explosives and other devices for the purpose of causing bodily harm are strictly BANNED from the Event. The presence and trade of such devices is FORBIDDEN.
  • Any transgression of the above rules on behalf of Seller shall result in immediate ban of trade and further legal consequences.

We wish you profitable trade and an entertaining stay.