Dear Competitors!

As you might have noted, there was a little change in the competition category list.

A few years ago the model categories have been split between Master, Open  and Hobby categories – in order to give better chances of winning for the less experienced models.

Past year’s experience showed us that the quality of models continuously grow and the returning modellers find it interesting to compete in the master categories. So for this, we are making another step in order to let the widest possible range of modellers enter their models in the best possible categories.

Based on past years’ statistics we created more master, open level categories that of course are open to everyone.

Beside these new things, we would like to keep most of the hobby categories as well for those that

  • didn’t win any gold medals in Mosonmagyaróvár Hobby category,
  • didn’t win any prize in master category,
  • don’t consider to be master level modeller in one’s home country.


On top of the usual awarding, from 2014 we are introducing the „Master of MosonShow” title, that is given to those modellers who’s models get at least 95 % ranking in judging in master category. This title can be won only once in the model’s class (like ship, aircraft, AFV, etc.)!