Dear Modeler friends, Dear Visitors!

The Mosonmagyaróvár Modelling Club is the organizer of a model show and competition, that during it’s 15 year history grew to an event that is one of Europe’s noted ones. The modellers can enter in various competition categories: AFV, aircraft, diorama, figure, civilian vehicles. In the past years, in average 1200-1300 models were displayed in categories split by adult, junior, youngster and children age groups. Thanks to the friendly relationships developed over the years and the optimal geographical location of the city in the heart of the continent, modellers living in the northern, southern, eastern and western part of Europe are meeting together here. As for the others coming ever from farther distances like Japan, Taiwan or Canada are always greatly welcomed.

By now it became a joint effort to organize this big show, so many hungarian modelling clubs are collaborating together and helping each other. Judging is done by teams of internationally acknowledged modellers coming from all around the continent. Of course this event is not only about modellers. Residents coming from the nearby places, family of the modellers find here numerous addition programmes and sights that they can select from during the weekend.


Thank you All for visiting us this year hoping that you returned home again with many more great memories! We already started organizing the 2016 show!

In 2015 on our show the following well known modellers did workshops:
AIRCRAFT: Bera Károly, Kamil Feliks Sztarbala, Zdenek Sebesta.
AFV.: Bayin Wu, David Parker, Lester Plaskitt, Roman Volchenkov
FIGURE: Jiri Malcharek, Kovács Olivér, Radek Pituch, Rodrigo Ciprés.
CIVILIAN VEHICLES, DIORAMA: Bernhard Lustig (AFV), David Maes.

The 2015 competition results are available in the Competition menu, and the model photos and the links to various website reports are available in the photo gallery menu.

Statistics data


In 2015 in 64 competition categories (adult, junior, youngster, children) a total of 1.582 models were entered. (1.329 models in 2014) More than 580 modellers entered their models in the competition who arrived from 31 different countries. The majority of the visitors are coming from East-Central Europe but it is always a great news for us to learn that new and new modellers are deciding to take the long ride and visit our show from for example Belarussia, Brazil, China Niger, Turkey or USA. This year, thanks to the number of high quality models we gave a total of 319 awards (83 bronze, 84 silver and 152 gold). In addition model clubs, associations and private modellers showed their own collections in the show display tables.

This year we had the luck to welcome many modellers, such as:
MK Amnévill (FR); KPM Kaznejov, KPM Brno, KPM Nymburk (CZ); Mk Zobor Nyitra, MK DunajskaStreda (SK). Crna-Kraljica Zagrab (HR); SVM Kranjiak (SLO); Twenot Aj Zwolle (NL); IPMS Austria, Klaus Herold (AT). Peter D’ Hoolander (BE); PMC Riesa, PMC Sachsen-Anhalt, EPMC Dresden, Tafelrunde München (DE); Koni Broggi (CH), Bázis Makett Klub Kecskemét (HU).


In the name of the organizers, the Mosonmagyaróvár Modelling Club wishes good modelling, good health and thank everyone for honouring our event with their visit. We look forward to see You and your family for an unforgettable weekend!

Mosonmagyaróvár Modelling Club and Association