Club exhibition

Although at MosonShow, modelers enter their models into the competition; but besides – depending on the availability of table spaces – it is possible to display the models only as an exhibitor in the event too. Clubs, associations, individuals in this regard can submit their application to the following address (in Hungarian, English or German): (Zákányi Péter)

The available table spaces will be split depending on the incoming needs! ! !


Availability of the exhibition tables – according to the show opening hours:


  • 19th April, 2024 (Friday) – between 16 – 18 o’clock
  • 20th April, 2024 (Saturday) – between 8 – 12 o’clock

Tear down:

  • 21th April, 2024 (Sunday) – between 13:30 – 14:30

On the free exhibition table commercial activity is prohibited!

In case of cancelling the booked and acknowledged table reservation please send an email to the above address until 16. April, 2024.

It is stricktly prohibited to bring food, drinks or pets to the areas of UFM Arena and MKC Hall!!!


Master of MosonShow

On top of the usual awarding, from 2014 we are introducing the „Master of MosonShow” title, that is given to those modellers who’s models get at least 95 % ranking in judging in master category. This title can be won only once in the model’s class (like ship, aircraft, AFV, etc.)!

Master of MosonShow 2014
Jiri Tenk (CZ)        Yamaha YZR-M1, Fortuna Yamaha 
Sergiusz Peczek (PL) Nun Nun Coca Cola
Szabó Ákos (HU)      Airco DH.2
Tyukodi László (HU)     Ford Fiesta WRC
Milan Kuliffay (SK)       IJN Amagi
Roland Vlahovic (HR)  ALERT
Hofmann Tamás (HU)    BMW E36
Master of MosonShow 2015 
Volker Bembennek (DE)    WW1 FT-17
Jacek Sznajder (CZ)       English Electric ‘Cork’ MkIII.
Szabó Gábor (HU)        D.H.88 Comet
Zdenek Sebesta (CZ)    Fokker D.VII (OAW)
Grzywocz Szymon (PL)   Fokker DVII
Petrov Valentin (BG)   MiG-19 S
Master of MosonShow 2016
Buba Wojciec (PL)    Roland D VI b
Kovács Gábor Schuller Balázs (HU) Klem 35
Mario Eens BE)     Stug III B
Milos Kubelik (CZ)  Sdkfz 234/1
Davide Lazarotto (IT)   Tirpitz 1942
Kerekes András (HU)    Kampfgruppe Bradel
Alessandro Paletti (IT)   The Burma Road
Dr. Pék György (HU) The Iron dog & a splendid cat
Roland Vlahovic (HR)

HMS Pegasus Swan Class