Entering models

Entering models, via Internet:

Internet pre-registration is possible  between 1. April 2024 and until 14. April 2024  24.00 o’clock.


Please bring with you your personal registration number that you received when pre-registrated your models.Payment of the entry fee, and handing of your models’ papers will be based on your personal registration number.

Competition – Help and advices about entering the models: here!


On site:

  • 19th. April 2024. (Friday) 16.00 – 18.00
  • 20th. April 2024. (Saturday) 08.00 – 12.00

For those modellers – in a particular model group (like airplane, AFV, figure, ship, civilian vehicles, etc.) – who

  • were awarded  – by the MOSONSHOW 2015-2019 – in the particular model group’s Hobby category with GOLD prize or
  • who were awarded – by the MOSONSHOW 2022-2023 – there with any prize in the particular model group’s master categories or
  • considered to be MASTER modeller at their own country – we can only accept model registrations in either MASTER categories.

(For example, you can enter in hobby AFV category when You are considered master modeller in Aircraft) In open categories (hobby and master level models are consolidated) entering is open for everybody.

Registration Fee:

Electronic pre-registration 8,- EUR (or equivalent Forint/HUF) per modeller

On the premises 12,- EUR (or equivalent Forint/HUF) per modeller.

Entering is for Children, Youngster, Junior free of registration fee!

Returning of the models:

21. April 2024 – between 13.30 – 14.30 o’clock. We kindly ask everyone that to get back their models in this timeframe only. We cannot return models earlier than this time. Thank You!

Award giving ceremony:

21. April 2024. 15.00 o’clock.